Sunday, November 30, 2014

Finishing out the year

My show season ended last weekend with the Mountain Campus Holiday Show,
 and I am busy working to finish up some custom orders:
This is a variation on my Autumn Leaves batik, but the buyer wanted greens instead of the traditional autumn colors.  I think I will need to make more of these!
This is an experiment I did on a Habotai silk scarf with an allover leaf pattern.  I won't go into all the complexities of the process I used, but it is the first batik I have successfully achieved on silk.
Next on my list is an order to dye 20 shirts for a local artist who will be screen printing an original design on them, then selling to a shop in nearby Williams... can't wait to see how they turn out!  
And I am hoping to sell some of my work to Flagstaff General Store, a new store that opened on Friday. 
I have lots of half-formed ideas stewing in my brain that I hope to hatch in the coming months... another winter of tinkering, imagining, experimenting... I love these months between shows when I get to play!  Then before I know it, another season will start and I'll be off and running again.  I hope to do a little better job of posting here... lately it has just been too hectic to even think!  So bear with me as I take a breath, stare off into space for a few moments, then get back on track!