Monday, June 9, 2014

My New Basket

I have been experimenting more with various bowl/basket techniques, and decided to try something new to finish off a larger bowl that "needed something".  I created some knotted handles that I used a couple of techniques to finish, and I'm pleased with how they turned out:

The bowl measures 10" wide at the top, and 5 1/2" high... a pretty standard looking bowl, almost plain.  I started it with one idea in mind, and stopped midway because the shape wasn't right for the project I was working on.  It sat, waiting for me to think of a way to finish it, for over a month.  Finally, I decided to try the handles.  They are of cord, wrapped with the same fabric I used on the bowl, then knotted to add visual interest as well as functionality.  Then I made a loop on one end, and coiled the other end into a medallion.  That way I was able to loop the ends together ala button and loop.  Then I hand stitched in several places to anchor them to the bowl.
Next, I decided to use MinWax Polycrylic sealer to protect the finish, but also it stiffens when it dries, making the bowl and handles sturdier.  This way, if the user spills something on the bowl, it's easy to use a damp cloth to wipe it off without leaving a stain.
Now I just need to find a shipping box in the garage big enough to house the bowl... then I can list it in my shop!  On to the next project...