Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pinewood Farmers' Market

I was at Pinewood Farmers' Market in Munds Park yesterday, along with about 19 other vendors... some selling produce, others selling crafts. We had wonderful, sunny weather with just an occasional breeze! Here are a couple of pix of my booth:
I was limited to one rack, so only brought part of my collection. My hats and shirts sold well, and I got a couple of orders for custom dyes as well! All in all, a very good day, and I will be going back on July 3rd as well.
Other news of note: June is looking like a good month to catch up around the house! I have my gradation dyeing class scheduled for June 26, and will have anywhere from 6-20 attending... good thing we will be dyeing in the yard under canopies! My husband will be hiding out in the house for the day, I'm sure!
Flagstaff Open Studios is fast approaching... I need to get cracking! I haven't made one Art Quilt since last fall, and I want to have a new one for the Art Center Exhibit which opens August 7th!
I still want to make some more dyeing videos... I made one and posted it on my other blog for those who want to try their hand at dyeing patterns... I have several other patterns in mind I would like to demonstrate, so that's still on my 'to do' board.
Meanwhile, the other night at Quilters' Guild, we had a supply sale and live auction to raise funds for the guild... I came home with a bag full of goodies and... AND a loom for making rag rugs and placemats! Just what I need... another fiber addiction! But I can use up some of my stash, so that makes it all worthwhile, right? Just as soon as I can find the time... sigh!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gradation dyeing class

Today, my friend Wendy and I taught a friend, Kris, a basic gradation dyeing class. Kris won't be able to attend our class scheduled for June 26, so we decided to make her our 'guinnea pig' to test our class lesson plan. We started out about 9am or so, went through 4 exercises, and had everything done, washed and dried by about 1:30... not bad! Kris dyed 5 yards of fabric. First 1/2 yard was a solid fuchsia, the next 3 1/2 yard pieces were done in a 3 layer parfait using cerulean blue; next came a 5 piece crossover gradation from yellow to blue with greens in the middle. Last exercise was to use up leftover dyes, and we ended up doing a double accordion fold which we banded, then Kris applied first the yellow, then overdyed with some blue. She was thrilled with how the fabrics looked, and went home a happy dyer!
I got these shots of them while Kris was pasting up one of the dyes:

Wendy is on the left, Kris is on the right. We had beautiful weather all day except for occasional gusts of wind, but enjoyed being outside for a change! Silly me... I totally forgot to get pictures of the dyed fabric! I'll do better next month when we have the larger class, promise!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


I am getting ready for a show on the 29th, and wanted some more summer items to add to my inventory. I got a screamin' deal on Bucket Hats, and thought they would be great for summer vacations:

I just put the first one up in my shop, and have about a dozen more to dye.... too cute, huh?